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create own footer using static block

Step One: Create Static Block in Your Magento Admin
Magento Admin Panel—>Static Blocks—>Add New Block
1) Name your Static Block, in this case Custom footer Links
2) Label the Identifier (This is the link you will use to call the block later) in this case, custom-footer-links
3) Choose what store view you would like it to render in
4) Set Status to Enabled
2)Now for the fun part! Add your navigation links to the block.   Make sure to use <style> to make them match your sites color and theme.
Step Two: Inserting Code to Call the Static Block
This part is going to require you to FTP into your Magento site and modify footer.phtml
app—>design—>frontend—->default—>(your template)—>template—>page—>footer.phtml
Find where in the footer you want your navigation links to display and insert:
<?php echo $this->getLayout()->createBlock(‘cms/block’)->setBlockId(‘custom-footer-links’)->toHtml(); ?>

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