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Top Fascinating Facts on Magento- Did you know

In a short period Magento has gained a striking attention in the world of ecommerce.  Does it happen in every case? Not really. Given below are a few facts that reveal its seamless popularity.

  • Magento is one such platform that is versatile and provides a flexible shopping solution. It empowers more than 150,000 online stores which includes the most leading brands like fox connect, ford, Samsung and more.
  • In less than a year of start on, when Magento was launched in 2008, there has been more than 500,000+ downloads.
  • Not to be surprised, Google has revealed that the term “Magento” was searched more than the word “ecommerce”.
  • In the year 2011, eBay was ready to offer $180 million to get hold of Magento, and succeeded in the pursuit.
  • According to the 2012 survey, the most renowned ecommerce platform is considered to be Magento, holding 31% of the market share.
  • Based on Alexa ranking, it is found that Magento is used by 26% of the top 1 million websites.
  • Believe it or not! Globally, there are over 400 Magento solution partners.
  • There is a rapidly growing Magento community which counts to be 800,000+ members till date.

Magento Versions and their contribution

  • Magento Enterprise: This elite version of Magento is ideal for “Big players” whose annual generating revenue would be ranging from $10 Million to $70 Million.
  • Magento Go:  This version of Magento ecommerce is used by all kinds of micro to small sized business (vendor’s internet-hosted SaaS), generating annual revenue of $5 million to $10 million.
  • Magento Community: This free community edition from Magento is for beginners who would love to explore in the world of ecommerce.

Its few mind-blowing features

  • Customized themes:  Apart from the default themes, it allows you to create own sub-themes.
  • Exploit colours: It allows changing the background colours, applying textures and many more.
  • Adjustable Product page: Customize the product pages based on your needs.
  • Brand logo: For each product, display an eye catching brand logo that can attract your customers.
  • Fluid Products grid: modify the number of products you want to display in a row.

There are a lot more evolutionary updates of Magento that’s keeps coming up. So better keep following.

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