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Setting the Default Currency for a User in Magento

This won’t alter the base price in the system but it will set the start price for a user. Simply add this to the top of /template/directory/currency.phtml

    $currentCurrency = $this->getCurrentCurrencyCode();

    if(!isset($currentCurrency)) $currentCurrency = ‘NA’;

    $currencies = array(“GBP”,”USD”,”EUR”);

    if (in_array(strtoupper($_GET[‘cy’]),$currencies)) {
    if(strtoupper($_GET[‘cy’]) != $currentCurrency)
    header(“Location: “.$this->helper(‘directory/url’)->getSwitchCurrencyUrl().”currency/”.$_GET[‘cy’]);

Then, you can do something with the domains where a .co.uk site will redirect to the .com with ?cy=GBP at the end.

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