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Delete Order In Magento

In Magento there are no options in the admin panel from there we can delete the order. You can “Cancel” or put it “On Hold”, but not delete it. Here in this post I am going to describe how to delete an order In Magento. It is small MySql code by which you can delete the order in Magento. Login to the MySql and run the given below query,

SET @increment_id=’100002568′; //replace with your actual order ID
SELECT @order_id:=entity_id FROM sales_order_entity WHERE increment_id=@increment_id;

DELETE FROM sales_order_entity WHERE entity_id=@order_id OR parent_id=@order_id;
DELETE FROM sales_order WHERE increment_id=@increment_id;

Now check your order you will not found the order with the order id “100002568″.

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